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Principal's Corner

I hope this letter finds you healthy, rested, and desperate to get back to normal.  It is an amazing time to be alive, and you will look back on this the way that the previous generation was impacted by the events of September 11.  Know that someday things will return to balance, and that the button will be pressed to return us to normal.  

This has been a tremendous year for Altamont.  Since August, we have experienced a Sectional Championship in Volleyball, achieved a top ten percent national F.F.A. program rating, won the N.T.C. Conference Baseball Tournament, captured several awards for the Marching Indians, secured I.H.S.A. Regional Championships in Girls and Boys Basketball, launched a new Manufacturing Skills class, completed Chopped and Cupcake Challenges, and crowned class Badminton and Pickleball champions.  We continue to look ahead for successful outings in baseball, softball, and track, as well as the awarding of several thousand dollars to many of our graduating seniors. And whenever this ends, we will honor those seniors with a Commencement exercise, that much is certain!

With all of that, however, it is imperative that you realize that we are not finished.  The Covid-19 Virus has required all of us to change the manner in which we teach and learn.  Your teachers have worked hard to put together learning opportunities that will continue to move us forward as a school and ensure your success in the years to come.  These opportunities, whether online or in hard copy, are critical for you to complete. Many of you are under the impression that this work will not be graded, which is accurate.  However, what you must understand is that the lessons are your evidence of completion, and will largely determine whether or not you can receive full credit for the courses you are now completing.  Without such evidence, we will not be able to move you forward to your sophomore, junior, or senior year, and it may also impact your ability to graduate if you are a senior. I cannot stress strongly enough; you must complete the lessons that are being presented to you in a timely fashion.  The situation changes rapidly, and we do not want you to be overwhelmed. 

Your teachers will all respond to questions via email, and they have as much at stake in this as you do.  They are sharing ideas with each other all the time, and would welcome your ideas in order to make this more effective and efficient for all of you.  If you are working at a comfortable pace but are not finished, that is fine; email your teachers that information as well so they will understand your process and progress.  They are counting on all of you to be successful.

We talk each day about being ready, responsible, respectful, and safe.  We are also resilient. You have a tremendous chance to remind everyone that we are who we claim to be - The TRIBE - unbroken, unbowed, and unbeatable!  The alumni, whose pictures hang in the south hallway, are counting on you to carry forward with pride and determination, as are all of us. Be sure to get your evidence completed, and we will see you again.

Mr. Tkachuk