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Bring on 2023-2024 at ACHS!

Each school year is a new beginning. We get the opportunity to make what we accomplished last year better. We get to explore new challenges that push us in a direction that makes us better prepared for the future. We get to welcome new students and staff to our building. And new this year, the addition of Business courses to help expose our students to classes that could impact their career choices.

Obviously the Class of 2027 will bring new footsteps to walk our hall. For the first time the Class of 2025 will stroll through passing periods as “upperclassmen”. The Class of 2026 will no longer be last in the lunch line. And the Class of 2024 will experience just how fast 9 months can go as they pave the way for the standard of excellence they want THEIR Tribe to achieve. The goal being excellence within the clubs all of our students belong to, the playing fields they compete on and in the classrooms they participate in.

Life is like a ladder. Each day one of three things happen:

1. We worked up a rung because we successfully completed a challenge.
2. We slipped down a step because we attacked a challenge and failed.

3. We stayed on the same rung because we were afraid or too comfortable to be challenged.

My hope for our entire Indian family (students and staff) for 2023-2024 is to never end one day on the same rung we started on. We will learn from both our successes and our failures when we don’t back away from doing what is right, not what is easy. “Grace, grit and accountability are necessary for climbing the ladder of success” (Susan Johnston, Rolling Stone Magazine). I can’t wait to see what rung each of us are on after 171 days!

We ARE the Tribe,
Mrs. Peggy Bueker ACHS Principal