Social Sciences

To graduate from Altamont Community High School a student must obtain twenty-eight total credits.  Our teachers are dedicated to leading students on a historic journey throughout time and the human mind for a minimum of two out of twenty-eight credits.


Jenifer AldrichIn the beginning humans travelled across the land hunting and gathering in order to survive.  Over the millennia humans adapted to their surroundings, developed farming and civilizations.  In our history program we begin with prehistory when humans first walked in Africa and explore all the way up to the most recent issues in the 20th century.  Out of the two credits required in Social Science, one of those credits has to be obtained in U.S. History.  Another half of a credits is required to come from our Civics class where students will study our government system and the roles and responsibilities of the citizens within our nation

Psychology, Sociology and More:

Psychology and sociology are offered in alternating years and students will need to plan accordingly so that they are able to take the class they wish to take.  In Psychology students will attempt to answer questions based on why man and woman behave the way they do and what the reasons for that behavior are.  On the flip side, Sociology is the study of society as a whole.  Students are encouraged to apply life experiences, current events and opinions to topics presented.  

To follow up with Psychology and Sociology we offer a course in self-management.  This course is a dual-credit course with Lakeland college that will earn students credit hours at the collegiate level.  The class focuses on the necessary skills for constructive and efficient learning.

Economics and Current Events:Steve Long
Part of understanding our world is staying up to date and understanding how our lives are impacted by the events that take place every day.  In our Contemporary World Issues class students will look at reputable news sources and evaluate current events at the local, state, national and global level. 

In our everyday lives we have to deal with multiple financial and social decisions.  Our Economics class has been developed so that students get an overview of economics with a primary emphasis on the principles of microeconomics and the U.S. economic system.  The Economics course provided to students also includes personal finance foundations