Fine Arts

To graduate from Altamont Community High School a student must obtain twenty-eight total credits.  One credit to graduate must come from either Foreign Language, Fine Arts, Music or Vocational Education.  Our art department offers a wide range of potential classes so that students can work with different mediums to express their creativity.  

Toni NiebruggeIn our first level art class students is designed to take those students who cannot draw well and teach them how to improve.  At the end of Art I students will have a basic understanding of drawing and design.  Art II will allow students to manipulate and improve in different types of media such as: clay, white charcoal, charcoal, oil pastel, chalk, pen and ink, printmaking and basic operation of Adobe Photoshop.  If a student chooses to pursue Art III they will be able to concentrate on painting in many different varieties: charcoal, oil pastel, pen and ink, watercolors and acrylic.  Our Art IV class is a dual credit class that mirrors Art History that can be taken at Lakeland College.  In Art IV students will learn the different types of styles, techniques and influences used throughout history.



Sara Berg

Our music department offers three different classes: band, chorus and music appreciation and theory.  Band is a class offered to any student who plays an instrument that is included in the standard band instrumentation.  Class work will include preparation and performances at extracurricular activities and other public performances as scheduled by the director.  Chorus is a performance class offered to any Altamont High School student.  Basic fundamentals of choral music such as tone production, rhythm, diction, balance and blend are taught. Music Theory and Appreciation is designed to encompass an in-depth study of the fundamental elements of music:  pitch, rhythm, melody, harmony and form; and to explore the theoretical constructs of the 17th, 18th, 19th, and 20th centuries.