Physical Education, Health, & Drivers Ed

To graduate from Altamont Community High School a student must obtain twenty-eight total credits.  Two of those credits are required to come from the Physical Education department and half a credit is required to come from the Health department. 

Drivers’ Education:
This class is designed for students who will be wanting to get their driver's license at the age of sixteen. The purpose of this course is to teach every student driving habits, beginning with a minimum of 30 hours of classroom instruction followed by 6 hours of behind the wheel instruction. In order to enroll, students must have received a passing grade in at least 8 semester hours in the previous two semesters.Enrollment in the classroom will be determined by birth date. Late entries will not be placed in Driver Education until the beginning of a new course. At the completion of the course the student will be given the written exam. Passing the written exam, passing a vision exam, application for instruction permit, and twenty dollars will allow a student to obtain an instruction permit. 

Health Education:
Health education has been reinforced at Altamont Community High Schools to help students cope with many different aspects of life.  Topics covered include:  stress and mental health; suicide prevention; aging, death, and dying; nutrition; male and female reproductive anatomy and physiology; human growth and development; abstinence; marriage and the family; sexually tran
smitted diseases; prevention and control of disease; prevention of alcohol, tobacco, and other drug abuse; and injury prevention and safety.

Physical Education:
As the world keeps changing and lifestyle choices change, physical activity becomes more of a demand and need in today’s society. In physical education one learns the ideas and premise behind being physically fit and how to personalize them. We also cover activities to fulfill those needs from team activities to individual. Students will be assessed on performance of skills, cognitive knowledge of rules and strategies, and everyday participation in a variety of activities from leisure to competitive.