To graduate from Altamont Community High School a student must obtain twenty-eight total credits.  The criteria to graduate requires zero credits from the Agriculture department.  Even though the program isn’t required for graduation we encourage students to explore one of our most successful programs.  

Agriculture and Technology:
Our courses provide an opportunity for students to learn how the agricultural industry is organized; its major components; and the scope and types of job opportunities in the agricultural field.  Introducing students to technology in Agriculture allows hands-on experiences which provide opportunities for students to develop basic knowledge and skills in agricultural mechanics.  After developing the basic concepts students will develop understanding of the agricultural industry relating to the United States and World marketplace,  Agricultural Sales, Agribusiness Marketing, and Commodity Marketing.

Sciences in Agriculture:
Major units of instruction include agricultural research, soil science, animal science and animal reproduction, understanding natural resources and its importance, forestry management and conservation, the animal and plant cell, the concepts of genetics and genetic engineering, alternative energy and renewable fuels, and careers in agriculture science.