Foreign Language

To graduate from Altamont Community High School a student must obtain twenty-eight total credits.  One credit to graduate must come from either Foreign Language, Fine Arts, Music or Vocational Education.  Most colleges and universities want incoming students to have taken at least two years of a foreign language.  Currently we only offer four different levels of Spanish as an option of foreign language.

The first level of the Spanish curriculum includes the basics of Spanish and as well as a small amount of Spanish culture.  The four language skills; listening, speaking, reading and writing are strongly pursued.  After learning the basics of the language and culture, students will be able to expand their knowledge in Spanish II by delving deeper into the language and culture of Spanish life.  In Spanish II students will begin reading short stories, studying geography and focusing on speaking all in Spanish.

If a student chooses they can take a third year of Spanish and focus on the linguistics and the culture of the Spanish people.  In Spanish III an emphasis is placed on conversation, composition and reading.  Beyond Spanish III we offer Spanish IV where we put more emphasis on composition and reading.  After completing Spanish IV a student will be able to use the Spanish language to make connections and reinforce knowledge across academic, technical and vocational disciplines.